Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Getting a Head Start

Fabulous Hat

I found this in my local wool shop at the weekend and I just couldn't leave it behind. 
My only difficulty was deciding which one to choose. Aren't the colours just scrummy?

Introducing Sirdar Head Start: A 50g ball of yarn with co-ordinating pom pom. The yarn is 12% mohair so is beautifully soft and the hat knits up really quickly on 8mm and 10mm needles. The pom pom even has its own thread attached to it, so no rummaging through your sewing box to find the right colour thread when it comes to making up the hat. Clever little details that really add to this fun little knit. The colour choices are Electric Blue, Pink Rocks, Soda Pop and my eventual choice of Teen Spirit.
I paid £7.50 for my Head Start but I have seen it online for £7.99 plus p+p. So shop around if you're thinking of picking one up for yourself. 

The whole thing was knitted and ready to wear in a little over an hour. Now, which colour should I choose next...?

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