Monday, 21 April 2014

Little ol' wine drinker me...

Pallet Wood Wine Rack

Allow me to introduce you to the latest addition to the Handmadebymeg portfolio. Our very own wine rack constructed solely from reclaimed pallet wood. Complete with top shelf and wine glass hanging rack. 

This is the completed prototype. We have a few tweaks and improvements in mind for future racks but, on the whole, it has been a successful project I hope you'll agree.

This wine rack started its life as a plain old common-or-garden pallet that we then cut up to produce the component parts.

(These are actually the component parts for Rack No.2 as I was in such a rush to see Rack No.1 put together that I completely forgot to get my camera out at this stage.)

The pieces were then stained with a couple of coats of Wood Dye before being assembled.

I still wasn't completely happy with the look of the wood. I thought it looked a bit dry and dull, so I gave the rack a coat of Danish Oil to produce a 'Natural, low lustre finish'. (It did exactly what it said on the tin).

We now have lots of ideas for future projects...we just need to find the time to try them all out.
Pallet wood is of varying qualities and so will constantly give different results. This is all part of the charm of recycling old materials and is what makes every finished piece unique.
I would also like to experiment with different shades of wood dye and finishing oils/lacquers. The possibilities are endless.

I really think this would make a great feature in any house or it would be fantastic on the garden wall looking after the vino at your barbecue. 

Mmmmm...bring on the summer. 

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