Thursday, 17 March 2016

3 happy things #happyandhome

Sometimes something happens that makes you pull up short, makes you look at things differently or gives you a wake up call. This week it was when I came upon this post from 
A Residence (via the lovely Amanda at City Girl Gone Coastal) which totally struck a chord with me.

Penny points out that the many magazine articles, blogs and facebook posts that we are exposed to these days showing us amazing room makeovers and oh-so-beautiful homes can impact negatively on how we view our own homes if we let them.

In the real world most of us are never actually going to live in anything like these picture-perfect settings that we sometimes dream of. All I hope is that beneath the veneer and stunning photography that they are messy, noisy and chaotic family homes too, because that's about as 'normal' as it gets.

I don't have anything like a 'perfect' house but when I have had a particularly long or difficult time at the day job I have the luxury of being able to come home to a warm, dry home. Yes, it's usually a bit untidy and most rooms need a lick of paint and a bit of TLC, but it's safe and secure and it's where some people live who are pretty darn important to me.

I have plenty of things I am grateful for every day that make me happy at home.

1. Family and friends (messy fridge door)
The paraphernalia and the clutter of a busy household can reach the point of overflowing on occasions, and at these times I have been known to throw a bit of a wobbly and spend a day having a mega de-clutter. It serves to clear the head as well as the living space, and the local charity shops usually benefit as well. 

2. Time to make and create
My favourite way in the whole world to spend any spare time I have. My absolute favourite craft is knitting but there are many other things I like to make and I'm always experimenting and trying out new ideas. When I'm not actually making something, I'm usually planning what to make next. I like to get together with friends for crafting evenings and a chit chat when I can.

3. Plenty of good food to eat
I have to admit that cooking is not something I do because I love it. I do it because everyone needs feeding. However, we do our best to eat as healthily as we can and I love having everyone together around the dinner table and having a natter and a catch up whenever we can. The more the merrier.

Family and friends, plentiful food, time to make and create
Lucky me

Happy and Home at A Residence blog


  1. You and Amanda Have given me so much inspiration this week, I can't thank you both enough for validating what I thought might be a weird idea. But it really is true isn't it, we have so much to be grateful for under our noses. I love that you picked your fridge door, so true. Your crafting evenings sound like exactly what I need to plan more of in my life x

    1. I have been reading Amanda's blog for a very long time now and am grateful to her for pointing me to you. And yes, you really should get a couple of pals round, drink wine and make's really great fun and cheaper than therapy! Glad to have found you.

  2. You are so right, our homes are so much more than we think, not least a safe place for our loved ones.
    Oh your fridge looks just like mine, it's a little snap shot of our family. I really must get back in to my crafting, I started knitting and got on rather well then just stopped, I could kick myself!

    1. I haven't walked in your shoes, but I have walked beside you many times when reading your blog. I love what you do and your blogging tips really help. Keep on keeping on and get those knitting needles clacking again. Thanks for dropping by.