Sunday, 2 March 2014

Fork Handles?

Container Candles

I really fancied having a go at making teacup candles having seen some lovely examples around recently. However, not having tried this before, and knowing very little about the processes involved, I first had to carry out some research, and it soon became clear that there was quite a lot to learn. 

The most helpful and informative website by far that I found was 4CandlesUK
This website tells you absolutely everything you need to know and has specially written Guides that will help you decide which wax to choose (I had no idea there were so many different kinds), which type of wick to use and how to incorporate dyes and fragrances. It was definitely worth spending some time reading the information available as using the correct materials saved any unnecessary waste or expense.

I had already bought a set of six small coffee cups and matching saucers from a charity shop and having decided what else I needed, ordered my supplies from 4CandlesUK. My parcel arrived 48 hours later and I couldn't wait until the weekend so I got started that same evening.

I used the following to make my candles:

  • Chandler Grey Pro Container Wax
  • Votive 80mm waxed wicks
  • Escentscia Geranium Fragrance
  • Light Pink Dye Flakes

My candles ended up being made over two evenings as a second pour was needed to level them up. I wish you could smell them as the Geranium scent is beautiful. Am really pleased with the results and will be returning to 4CandlesUK for more supplies very soon.

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