Friday, 6 March 2015

More Reclaimed Furniture

A New Lease of Life

Just look at this poor, sad little piece of furniture.

I am ashamed to say that it has sat beside my bed and has served as a 'temporary' bedside table for longer than I care to admit. Recently, I had to admit that the time had finally come to bite the bullet and to administer a little TLC.

Two photos of small square stool in disrepair

The colour combination I chose to use was one I have used before when recycling a coffee table. See previous post here.

The only tools needed for this project were a paintbrush, a screwdriver and an old rag.

For the legs I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old Ochre and for the top I used French Oak Wood Stain. The beauty of using these is that there is no preparation needed except for a quick wipe down of the wood before you start painting. That's right, no sanding or undercoating... absolutely nothing at all. Perfect if you're a bit impatient like me and just want to get the job done.

I left the pieces to dry completely overnight and then gave the whole thing a good coat of Annie Sloan Clear Wax. When the wax was dry the whole thing was given a good old polish and then reassembled. And that was all there was to it...project completed in one weekend.

Two photos of painted and restored stool

But what a difference one weekend can make. 

Now it's no longer a sad little piece of furniture and I'm no longer ashamed of my bedside table. Oh dear...going to have to do the rest of the bedroom furniture now.

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  1. that looks fab Michele! what a transformation! :) Jean