Friday, 20 March 2015

5 photos from my Friday foray

so sorry, it's 7 really (but that didn't sound as good)

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few days it won't have escaped your attention that there was a partial eclipse of the sun visible in this country today. Even though it was quite hazy in my neck of the woods and the view of it wasn't very clear, I was still surprised by just how cold it became and how the birds all thought it was time for bed.

However, an hour or so after all the excitement was over the clouds gave way to a beautiful blue sky and the rest of the day has been absolutely glorious. I think the local wildlife must have had a wake up call when the sun went awol for a time because this afternoon it seems as though nature has been brighter, louder and busier than ever as though trying to make up for those few lost minutes.

I am fortunate enough to live and work in a beautiful part of the country and can often be seen wandering through the lanes during my lunch hour, sandwich in hand. But today I took my camera and took these shots within five minutes of the day job. Amazing. 

Yellow gorse flowers and Peacock butterfly

The Gorse is in full flower at the moment and if you avoid its thorns and get close enough you can smell its dainty coconut-like fragrance. Some gorse is almost always in flower hence the old country phrase "When gorse is out of blossom, kissing's out of fashion." I was also fortunate enough to creep up on this newly emerged Peacock butterfly who was busy catching some rays.

Primroses and lamb

A little further along the road is this bank covered in Primroses. So dainty. And then there was this nosey neighbour who just stood and stared me out until the eye contact became uncomfortable and I took my camera and moved on. 

Down beside the river then up the lane where I spotted these little soldiers standing on sentry duty in a gateway. It was OK, they let me past. 


Everything around me was just bright and brand new and gleaming. Absolutely stunning. The sun was warm on my back and the birds were making so much noise as they sang from the branches, claiming their territories and warning others to stay away or of this intruder's approach.

How could I fail to be inspired by such a wonderful lunchtime stroll. I am very grateful to live among these surroundings. 

Seemed an awful shame to have to go back to work.So glad I took my camera with me.
Have a wonderful weekend.

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