Sunday, 1 December 2013

Here come the boys! welcome in December with style

I came across a tutorial for these gorgeous little guys on the 'Then She Made...' blog and just couldn't resist having a go myself. I made smalIer versions because I couldn't find large plain white socks. I guarantee you'll be tempted to have a go if you take a look at how straightforward they are to put together. 

I made mine from Primark Christmas socks. They are filled with rice and decorated with recycled buttons (except for the little ones I had to buy for the eyes). I also used some felt flowers and Christmas string, together with orange craft sticks for the carrot noses. There is absolutely no sewing involved. I used a glue gun to put them together.

These could easily be made from the odd socks that we all have lurking in the bottom of the airing cupboard or laundry bag.

They're great fun to make and a great gift idea that would be ideal for children to try with only a little adult supervision needed.

Beginning to feel more than a little Christmassy now!

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