Friday, 23 May 2014

I love my Big Knit

Riotous Rug

Back at the end of January this year I went along to Westpoint Arena, Exeter to the Craft 4 Crafters Show. 

There was a mind boggling number of stands to visit, and my friend and I spent a very long time checking out beautiful buttons, ravishing ribbons, quality quilting supplies, yummy yarn and fabulous felt to name but a few of the goodies on offer.

However, for me there was one stand that stood out above all the rest. This stand really captured my imagination as I thought it was such an ingenious and original idea. 

So, what was it that had me so eagerly parting with my hard earned cash?

Allow me to introduce you to Ingrid Wagner.

Ingrid is a very bubbly, energetic and enthusiastic lady who has very cleverly marketed 'Big Kntting'. Big Knit Yarn is the recycled selvedge of industrial weaving waste and is 100% wool. The colour and pattern is already in the yarn and creates an amazing effect when knitted up on enormous Big Knit needles. The work knits up at an amazing inch per row.

There were many intriguing examples of her work on view and several projects for people to pick up and to 'have a go' at. Take a look around her lovely website at the following link.


It took me a long time to choose from the amazing selection of oversized balls of Big Knit Yarn but eventually I walked away armed with some beautiful colours and a pair of 600mm (yes, 600mm!) needles.

I think it probably took me a little longer than the 4 hours estimated making time but by the time I'd finished it I'd certainly worked on toning up the old biceps.

Fantastic result though, and well worth the work out! 

The rug can be washed at 30 degrees on a wool wash in a domestic washing machine. Which is just as well because my cats love it!!

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